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'Real' Research

Generative and evaluative research helps guide strategy, as well as validate and direct iterations. Engaging users early and often helps decrease design churn.


The quickest path to empathy is to walk a mile with your users. Journey mapping helps understand the pain points along the way so you have a greater understanding of the solution.

Design Thinking

Diverge, converge, diverge, converge. Exploring all possible solutions within a larger framework allows us to ensure that we are solving the right problem, as well as solving the right problem in the right way.

UX, PM, Tech Lead

Get out of your silo and connect. Occasionally UXers need to be reminded that the empathy with the user may not be in total alignemnt with the business needs.

Process Refinement

Defining pain points allows us to surface the root cause of inefficiencies, often giving us the data needed to create something better.


A great user experience should necessarily increase retention rates. Quantitative & qualitative methods also helps uncover needs in the research process.

The Solution will Surface

Working with Stakeholders may have its challenges, however, it can also be quite lively. I have found most success when I allow my UX skillset to guide the team, rather than present a solution. Our job often requires us to empathize with our users, as well as those we work with.

Some of the most elegant solutions have arisen through empathy with each other, the user, the tech, the backstory, & the business.

Design System Evolution

I can jump into an existing Design System, or help evolve what you currently have. Design debt can slow down the product process, so let's get this right.

Data Driven Research

We need to tie our decisions to metrics, with a methodical approach to generating a hypothesis that proves business value.

Cross-Fxnl Remote Collab

I thrive in sync and async environments, working with remote teammates, as well as those that will join me on whiteboard.

Roadmap & Strategy

Soft skills, collaboration, ideation, constraints, deadlines, experimentation, and camaraderie tend to build incredible products.

User Testing & Prototypes

Test, test, test. Paper prototypes, hallway studies, wires, hi-fi flows, and live experiences will help drive decisions.

Wires, Mocks, &  Flows

Deliverables are necessary, and a picture without documentation is worth 1000 wrong assumptions. Let's all speak the same language.

Delivering Value

Product lives at the crossroads of business needs, technology, and user empathy. The delicate journey that a product designer must move through can entail many facets of complex interactions. Soft skills and communication are essential to convey design decisions to internal & external stakeholders.

Defining KPI's allow design to take a more tangible path to proving value, all while knowing that there may be multiple owners moving toward business and user success.

Design Systems

It is important that the visual experience of your company stays consistent for your customer. Design Systems bring a great deal of business value.

Pattern Library & UI Kits

Patterns keep us from over-load, especially as cognitive load becomes too complex. Visual continuity also helps in conveying order.

Identity & Branding

The brand is not what you say about your company. Rather, it is what your users say about you. Let's make sure we get the visuals right.

Live URL Prototypes

Conveying complexity, flow, and interactions to engineers is complicated enough. Mocks shouldn't make their lives any more difficult.

User Testing & Prototypes

I prototype in InVision & Webflow. Live code can help reduce the linear flow of prototypes, though static screens to click through can often provide quick feedback.

Asset Creation

Yes. Digital assets may get lost, or need to be created. Lets make sure we keep this process as simple as possible, for everyone involved.

A Refined Aesthetic

There is a reality that when things look good, they feel good. When they look good, we assume they are of a better quality. When they feel good, we assume they are of a better experience. Nielsen Norman wrote a piece called, "The Aesthetic-Usability Effect" that articulates this.

It is important that the UI maintains consistency across apps, across platforms, across departments, and across the company. UI developers and designers don't just make things look pretty, they enhance both the quality and the experience.

Business Alignement

Facilitated workshops help align stakeholders. The intangible ideas often need a place to land to Ensure continuity.

Strategy & Vision

Building the right thing, and building the thing right are both necessary, but a Clear vision with strategic initiatives helps ensure the former.

User Research

If you don't know who your users are, you may be designing for yourself. Taking into account who will be using the product will guide many decisions.


I have found success in live workshops where we spend a half day solutioning and sketching out quite rough, large scale wires of where we might be headed.


The tone of the site needs to match you as well as your target customers. Using stylescapes ensures the proper look and feel is conveyed.

Developed Websites

Ship it! At the end of the day, you need somewhere to call home, and it your customers are always welcome. Welcome home.

Hello, world!

It would be great if we didn't judge a book by it's cover, or hold grudges for bad experiences. Building a beautiful site that exceeds your customer segment's expectations is necessary to avoid being seen as old and outdated.

Crafting the flow, the information architecture, and the customer journey will allow you to build a site where the user has an incredible experience. While they may hold a grudge about the annoyance of your competitor, their digital experience with you will be delightful.

The Art Institute

Denver, CO

UXD & Research | Retention Lead | Strategy

At the Art Institute, I was able to contribute to the success of our online & distance users, the student facing portal, sunset & roll-out our campus wide Learning Management System, as well as lead our retention efforts.

The generative UX research & journey mapping I initiated helped in guiding retention initiatives. Tracking our QoQ as well as YoY metrics, in addition to leading ideation & design sprints increased both our registration as well as retention rates.

"[Brady has an] incredible ability to break down even the most complex problems to their core issues, and then find a smart, simple and elegant solution.  Our project-oriented department is often stressful, with high pressure from multiple stakeholders, but Mr. Haynes has thrived in this environment . . . he spends time understanding [user] needs and advocating for their success.  He has had a tremendous impact on increasing our retention rates."
Dr. Benjamin Valdez | VP Art Institute


Physician Solutions

Healthcare Digital Solutions

I currently work as a UX product designer at DaVita. We are building a new platform for our Physicians to complete their workflows in our new app while rounding with their patients. In addition to pulling together front end tech leads for foundational design system work, I helped enhance our UX process and mentored new designers as we doubled our team size.

My interactions within a cross functional department have allowed me to expand my empathy and respect for the various roles that contribute to product success. My work includes evolution of our design system, communicating design decisions to engineering and business leaders, working with research to validate ideas and solutions, and balancing needs between product, tech, business, and users.

Make the Web Accessible to All

Strategy, Growth, Empathy

I love collaboration and resonance as we solve a problem together on a digital whiteboard. I also love the clarity of language that seems to come with asynchronous communication.

Problem definition, strategy, and solutioning seem to run in my veins, which ties in nicely with a creative mentality. I excel in environments that allow for a strong balance between creativity and logic.


A Career in Tech, a Mind for Business, a Refined Aesthetic, & the Heart of a Teacher

Master of Science in Information Systems

GPA 4.0 | Emerging Tech | HCI | Data Management | Info Sec | DSS | Information Design & Usability | 32 Credits

Master of Business Administration

GPA 3.8 | Project Management | Strategic Marketing | Corporate Info Systems Management | Quantitative Analysis

Graphic & Web Design

GPA 3.9 | HTML & CSS | Corporate Identity | Interface Design | Typography

Teacher Licensure | Exercise Science BA

Philosophy Minor | Art Minor

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Systematic & Quantifiable results are derived from a refined process

What does success look like and how can we measure that? Research is the building block upon a quality product. Without research, there is no strong starting point.

My experience with research spans from low fidelity prototypes to pixel perfect mockups, as well as strong collaboration with UX researchers and Product Managers & Owners.

Understanding the past research and contextualizing the defined problem allow for ideation. Doing so with the Tech Lead as well as the Product Manager helps maintain a thoroughness of solutions within the process.

I have found that pulling in Tech Lead, PM, & Researcher into the ideation phase to collaboratively arrive at the solution not only creates the best and most realistic solve, but also greatly reduces churn.

Once we have moved successfully through the first diamond of divergence in design thinking, I bring together a refined version of the design for user testing or hand off to engineering.

A part of the refinement process further evolves our design patterns across the app, and may entail component creation or design system updates.

Delivery may take multiple paths. Regardless of which one, it's still pretty exciting. The cross functional collaboration across the project is ready to be realized.

This could be the launch and handoff of a refreshed website for marketing or to a business owner; it could be a prototype used for testing, or the final designs and specs that are handed off to get developed.

How will we know if the feature of the project is successful? We set out to solve a problem, and we will know if we addressed that need only if we first start with a baseline of where we are now, and clear KPI's of where we want to be.

From a business perspective, did this increase revenue or reduce costs? Do we have a structure in place to capture  analytics? Did we increase success rate, reduce clicks, reduce time on task, or increase task completion or retention?

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